As the weather continues to turn colder, landlords and tenants can find themselves facing a new set of challenges. The cold weather brings any property maintenance to the forefront, and a cold and damp home won’t be a comfortable experience for any tenant.

However, while the colder season may pose some challenges, it also presents an opportunity to ensure that your rental property is ready to weather the winter. We’ve compiled a list of things you and your tenants can do to prepare your property to ensure you avoid any unexpected surprises this winter.

Winterise your property

During the winter months, it’s important to ensure that your heating system is in optimal working condition. Consider scheduling a professional inspection to guarantee that it’s functioning efficiently.

Make sure that your radiators are working properly by bleeding them on a regular basis. If you have tenants, you could ask them to turn up the heating for an hour or so and check if the radiators have warmed up correctly. If the radiators feel cold or fail to heat up, the radiator will need bleeding.

Make sure to check for draughts around the windows, doors, and even the letterbox. You should seal any gaps you find to prevent heat loss. Sealing draughts is a simple and effective way to keep your property warm and to reduce the cost of energy bills. You might also want to consider adding insulation to lofts and basements to retain heat and keep energy bills down.

Winterise your property

Winter landscape maintenance

Landlord Inspections

During the winter, it’s important to take care of the exterior of your property, as well as the interior. Trim the trees on your property and remove any dead branches that could pose a hazard during winter storms. Ensure you keep pathways and driveways clear of debris, snow, and ice to prevent slips and falls and ensure safe access to the property. You may have to consider a professional snow removal service for any larger properties.


Regular inspections and maintenance

It’s a good idea to regularly check in on your properties throughout the winter season. Schedule routine inspections to ensure that everything is in good working order and address any potential issues promptly. The winter weather can be especially harsh on your property’s roof, gutters, and pipes. It’s important to pay attention to these areas as the occurrence of snow accumulation and ice dams pose a significant threat to the structural integrity of your property.

Conduct a thorough roof investigation and consider hiring a professional roofing contractor to assess the condition of your roof. They’ll search for any signs of vulnerability or damage, such as loose shingles, or any cracks and gaps that have appeared over time. Make sure that you replace any loose or missing shingles and repair any damaged areas. A well-maintained roof is better equipped to withstand the snow and ice, reducing the risk of leaks and potential structural problems.

Show-off your vacant properties

If your property is currently vacant, it could be helpful to highlight the homes winter-friendly amenities to attract potential tenants. Pointing out features such as a fireplace, heated flooring, or even a garage can make your property very attractive to potential tenants during the winter time. Highlight cosy aspects of the property, emphasising the warmth and comfort that tenants will experience during the colder months. It’s also worth mentioning any nearby winter attractions or activities to entice potential tenants.


Experience the benefits of a well-prepared property

The winter months can be challenging when renting out a property, but with proper preparation and attention to detail, your property can continue being a wonderful home for your tenants even during the coldest months of the year. By focusing on winterising the property, maintaining the exterior landscape, and scheduling regular inspections and maintenance, you can ensure that your property remains inviting and appealing throughout the winter season.

Remember a well- prepared property not only attracts tenants, but also demonstrates your commitment to providing a comfortable and well-maintained rental home, setting the stage for long-term tenant satisfaction and retention.

Show off your vacant properties

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