If you’re thinking about renting out your property in Northampton, there are a lot of factors you will need to consider before you advertise your house to potential tenants. These factors ensure your tenants have the most positive experience possible when staying in your property.

Conduct property maintenance

Firstly, you must ensure that your property is safe and clean for your tenants to move into. When your property is vacant, you should take the time to thoroughly inspect and repair any problems you find. Ensure that to assess all existing and potential problems. Look out for issues such as damaged roofs, cracked gutters and driveways, leaking taps or pipes, or faulty electricals.

Thoroughly cleaning your property is also essential before the start of a tenancy. This is especially important if there was a different tenant living in the property up until now. Make sure to take extra care with the kitchen and bathroom. If you think its necessary, you may also want to consider hiring a professional cleaner to ensure that your property is as clean as possible.

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Decide on your property’s décor.

When it comes to the décor, firstly ensure there are no personal items, such as photos. Bright colour and designs are not to everyones case, so the more neutral you can be the better. When renting out your property, you also need to decide if you will be renting it out furnished or unfurnished. You can choose to do either. Your decision might depend on your personal preference or who you want to be attracting as a tenant. If you’re renting out your property to students, the likelihood is they will need furniture provided for them. This will differ if you are renting to a family, who may come with their own furniture. To help make the decision, you could think about how much each would cost you to offer. Choosing to offer the property furnished may allow you to rent it out for more but may include the initial added cost to you of buying furniture. Work out how much you could rent your property out for each option, to see what works best for you.

Get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

When renting out a property, it is a legal requirement to have an Energy Performance Certificate. An EPC shows the energy efficiency rating of your property, scaling from A to G. the most efficient homes, with the lowest fuel bills are in band A. These certificates are valid for 10 years, and you should get one while you’re preparing your home to let. Both you and your tenants will need a copy of this.


Get a reliable lettings agent.

Although you can choose to, letting out a property by yourself involves a lot of work. Would you be able to respond quickly to solve any maintenance issues that may occur? Or would you know the next steps to take if a tenant was to fall behind on their rent? With these types of questions in mind, you may want to think about hiring a lettings agent. A lettings agent will be able to manage your rental property for you, taking care of these types of issues. A good lettings agent will help you with the many responsibilities of being a landlord, making your experience less stressful.

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There are plenty of things you need to do to prepare your property to be rented out. From the physical appurtenance of the property through the décor, cleaning, and maintenance, to the legal requirements. Each of these things will help to start you off on your journey of being a successful landlord.

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