Moving homes can be daunting. Theres so much to do and keep on top of. For this reason, proper planning and organisation can help to make the process smoother and less stressful. As your local rental property experts, we’ve complied a list of some essential moving tips to help tenants focus on the excitement of their move, and ensure they have a more enjoyable moving experience.


1.  Start planning early

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The first important step for tenants is to start planning early. Start by creating a timeline for your move. In this timeline, make sure you outline key tasks such as packing, hiring movers, and notifying your utility providers of your move. Make sure you book a few days off work for the move, the earlier this is done the better.

It’s also helpful to order your packing materials and start packing non-essential items early to avoid forgetting anything or running out of time. By starting these things early, you’ll be more able to tackle each thing gradually. This helps to avoid last-minute stress, ensuring a more organised move.


2.  Declutter for downsizing.

Before you start packing up your possessions, one helpful tip is to take this time to declutter. Start by getting rid of the things and furniture you will no longer need in your new home. You can sort these items into categories: Keep, donate, and discard. Doing this not only reduces the amount of stuff you’ll have to move, but it also helps you prioritise essentials and sentimental items.


3.  Organise your packing supplies.

Make life a little easier by getting organised with your packing supplies. Gather all the essential supplies in advance. This includes boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. Go the extra mile of organisation by labelling boxes according to rooms or devise a numbering system to keep track of boxes. As well as this, it’s helpful to keep an inventory list of your belongings so you know you haven’t forgotten anything. This ensures no boxes get lost or forgotten in the move. By staying organised with your packing, you’ll avoid stress and simplify the unpacking process as you’ll be better able to find what you need.

4.  Update your address.

Don’t forget to update your address with you essential contacts when moving homes. This includes your bank, insurance providers and subscription services. You’ll also need to redirect your post from your old address to the new one to ensure you don’t miss any important mail during the transition period. Notify your utility providers and schedule disconnection and connection at both addresses. Finally, make sure your family and friends are aware of your new address.

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5.  Conduct a final walk through.

Before handing over the keys to your landlord and saying goodbye to your old home, conduct a final walk through of your rental property. Check for any damage or ware and tear beyond the normal amount. It’s a good idea to address any issues like this to avoid a potential dispute over security deposit deductions. You might choose to take some time to also clean the property thoroughly as this also helps to ensure a smooth moving out process. Finally, ensure nothing has been left behind, make sure to double check draws and under beds. Now its time to say goodbye to your old rental home and start your next adventure at your new property!



In conclusion, moving to a new rental property is a significant event for tenants, one that requires careful planning and organisation to ensure a smooth transition. By following these essential moving tips for tenants, you can make your move easier, reduce stress, and start enjoying your new home quicker.

At Cotters Property, we understand the challenges that tenants can face when moving homes. Our friendly and helpful team are here to support you along the way.

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