Here’s that word again.  Unprecedented.  Nobody’s lifestyle has been untouched by the whole unprecedentedness of the global pandemic.  All the plans we have made for the future had to be put on hold.

And now we are on the roadmap to freedom, is everything going to revert to a pre-lockdown state?


Post-lockdown, house hunters have adjusted their priorities.  Do you know what they want; what they really really want?

House hunters are looking to upsize their homes


Sorry guys, it’s official.  Size matters.  And you can thank lockdown for that.

You see, there’s nothing like a prolonged period of house arrest to instigate a national, perhaps international, outbreak of cabin fever.  The home had become an entire community for the best part of a year.

Eighteen months ago, we may have considered our homes to be spacious.  But then, we were leaving the home for education and shopping.  We often spent our weekends out at bars and restaurants to be entertained.

Our houses then became a school, workspace, and a play area as well as a home. 

To add to that, many businesses have realised that they don’t necessarily require people to be in the office to stay productive.  For some people, working from home is here to stay.

House hunters, therefore, are looking at ways to make sure they can accommodate their professional lives on a permanent basis.  This might simply be a larger house with more rooms, or additional garden space wherein they can build a garden office or other creative workspace.

Moving Home, Northampton

Family has become more important for house hunters

New Home, Northampton

On the other side of the cabin fever coin, is the alienation and isolation.  Where some people may have seen their walls closing in around them, others have felt distance growing.

Some house hunters really want to move near their families again after long periods of not being able to see those closest to them.  Many empty nesters have made the decision to move nearer to their grown children.  In part to reconnect, but also to help with their grandchildren.

Reconnecting is a big motivation.  We have missed cooking for family, hosting games nights, and opening up our homes for even the most mundane reasons.

Of course, if all goes well in June, families and friends will be gathering at houses and in gardens for barbecues and celebrations.  After a long year of stop-start lockdowns, people are keen to socialise again; and this is reflected in their house hunting habits.

Wrapping up

Despite the pandemic, the good news is, people still want to move.  House hunters still really want to buy their dream home.  Yes, their priorities have changed, and yes, these new concerns may be unaltered for some time; but it is still a good time to start your house hunting journey.

After a nightmare tenant with a previous agent, Sue, Carol & Jo found me a suitable tenant quickly and turned being a landlord from a Nightmare into a dream.

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