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Landlord Legal and Rent Protection


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  At Cotters Lettings Agents, we understand the difficulties that landlords can face when renting their properties. What happens if my tenant stops paying their rent? As a landlord you may still have to pay a mortgage on your property. What if the tenant causes damage to your property that is in excess of the rental deposit? You will need to pay for any damage to be rectified before you can re-lease your property. What happens if you have to evict a tenant?  There will be additional legal costs that you will incur.

To help our Landlords we can offer Legal and Rent Protection.


There are two levels of protection

Rent Protection – Standard

Rent Protection – Plus Cover

Rent Protection up to £50,000

Rent Recovery from

Month 2

Month 1

Months Rent Covered

Up to 6

up to 12

50% of monthly rent for up to 2 months, if property cannot be immediately re-let due to damage caused by your tenant


Legal Costs and Expenses up to £50,000

Obtaining Vacant Possession of your property

£150 excess

Rent Recovery

£150 excess

Pursuing your legal rights against the tenant or another party who has
caused damage to your property or its contents.

£150 excess

A dispute relating to a legal nuisance or trespass which interferes with the use, enjoyment or right over your property.

£150 excess

Evicting anyone who is not your tenant from your property.

£150 excess

Defending your legal rights if an event arising from letting your property leads to you being prosecuted in a criminal court.

£150 excess

Confidential telephone legal advice on personal legal matters under UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands law.

Confidential telephone counselling on matters causing distress.

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A very important point to note, currently live tenancies cannot claim on the rent guarantee for anything relating to the first 60 days of the policy, which means if your tenants fall into arrears during that time and are not back up to date, you will be unable to claim.

Please note: The policy is taken by Cotters on behalf of the landlord, as part of Cotters service.

Rent Protection

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