30 Years as a Landlord with Cotters Letting Agents

In the world of property management, building long-lasting relationships is crucial for success. One such exceptional relationship exists between Cotters Letting Agents and their longest-standing landlord client, Simon. Having worked together for over three decades, Simon has experienced first-hand the value and support that Cotters brings to the table. In a recent interview, he shared his insights into his long-standing partnership with Cotters. He highlighted the reasons behind his loyalty and the numerous ways in which they have assisted him throughout the years.

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A relationship built to last

30 years as a landlord with Cotters Lettings Agency

When asked about his experience as a landlord and his association with Cotters Letting Agents, Simon explained that he has been working with them for over 30 years. He emphasised the remarkable growth he has witnessed during this time, both personally and alongside Cotters. Although he couldn’t recall precisely how he initially came across Cotters, he attributed his continued collaboration to the unique blend of marketing, reliability, and exceptional customer relationships that the agency offers.


The power of proficiency

One of the key aspects that attracted Simon to Cotters was their proficiency and ability to get things done. Over the years, he has relied on their expertise to help him navigate the complexities of property management. Cotters has consistently provided him with useful information, particularly regarding changes in legislation. As the property landscape has evolved and faced increased regulations, Cotters has ensured that Simon remains up to date, alleviating the burden of staying compliant.

Tackling challenges together

In an industry that is constantly evolving, landlords often face challenges in adapting to new legislation and requirements. Simon acknowledged that Cotters has been instrumental in helping him tackle these challenges head-on. With their extensive knowledge and commitment to staying abreast of the latest regulations, Cotters has provided invaluable guidance, ensuring that his properties remain in compliance and his investment remains protected.


Effortless tenant management:

When it comes to finding and managing tenants, Simon fully trusts Cotters to handle the process. He spoke highly of the level of trust he has developed with the agency, which allows him to confidently step back and let them take care of tenant-related matters. Cotters’ expertise in tenant selection and management has not only saved him time but has also ensured that his properties are occupied by reliable tenants. Furthermore, he commended Cotters for offering advice on property improvements, enabling him to enhance the value of his investments.


The enduring relationship between Simon and Cotters Letting Agents is a testament to the agency’s unwavering commitment to their clients. With over three decades of collaboration, Cotters has consistently provided Simon and many other clients with the support, expertise, and peace of mind needed to thrive as a landlord. From their effective marketing strategies to their proficient handling of property management and tenant selection, Cotters has proven themselves as an invaluable partner in Simon’s real estate journey. As the property landscape continues to evolve, Cotters remains dedicated to staying up to date with legislation and providing unparalleled service to landlords, ensuring that their investments are in safe hands

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I have had 2 rental properties with Cotters for 11 years now and have dealt with Jo, Carol and Sue and I have to say I couldn’t find a better letting agents if I tried. They are and have always been extremely friendly and actually care for their tenants. They go way and above beyond to help and always respond promptly to calls.

Thank you for being so kind, professional and supportive over the years!

Jo, Northampton